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Father's Day

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Brown Ribbon Box

From $20.95 - $32.95

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Gourmet Gift Box - One Tray


Florence’s Exquisite Chocolates gives you the ability to pick out a custom box containing one, two, or three trays to create the perfect gift for you or someone special. Scroll down and click the plus (+) to select which options you would like in your single tray. Click the minus (-) to unselect if you’ve changed your mind on a...

120 Piece Nut and Caramel


Imagine the crunchy sensation of cashews, almonds, pecans and peanuts in concert with smooth swiss-formulated chocolate. Creamy carmel in combination with nutritious nut meats make this selection a mouth watering treat for all nut lovers. This 8 piece box contains a delicious combination of nut clusters and creamy caramel chocolates. It’s the perfect size for a tasty treat.

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