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Founder | Florence Whitworth

June 27, 1935 marks the beginning of Florence’s Exquisite Chocolates with the birth of our founder, Florence Whitworth, in Chesterfield, Idaho.


Florence Whitworth

While working for the Allen Wertz Candy Company as a college girl, Florence learns the art of hand dipping chocolates.


Florence Whitworth

Florence, now determined to become a world class chocolatier, is also thrilled to become a wife, and eventually a mother. On November 20, 1956, she marries Var Manwaring, her husband of 53 years and future business partner.


Florence Whitworth

Florence continues to refine her skills as a chocolatier by teaching the art of hand dipping chocolate. Florence begins to make chocolate her lifelong pursuit.In her own words, "my candies were made in my kitchen as special treats for family and friends. They were too good to be kept a secret"


Florence Whitworth

Hard work and a little luck allows her dream to become a reality. On February 6, 1981, the first customers enter through the doors of Florence's Exquisite Chocolates.


Florence Whitworth

From the beginning, Florence determined to create exquisite hand dipped chocolates and candies. Only the finest chocolates, fresh cream and butter,fruits and nuts are used to produce edible works of art.

The Present

Brian & Michelle

The Present Florence's son Brian and his wife Michelle are the new generation which now carries on the family tradition of hand dipped exquisite chocolates and candies enjoyed by loyal customers the world over.